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The Counterweight Programmes

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Counterweight Ltd provide comprehensive weight management programmes. 

We train personnel from our delivery partners to become Counterweight Practitioners, through a bespoke process of training and mentoring. Each Counterweight programme has a structure of training, mentoring, data collection and evaluation. All programmes have evolved from the original Counterweight Programme aimed at 5kg weight loss and maintain the same core principles and standards.

The team at Counterweight has recognised the need to offer a variety of programmes to treat overweight and obesity as part of a wider weight management strategy. 

Counterweight Ltd. has introduced two new programmes:

  • Counterweight Plus (aimed 15kg weight loss) and
  • Counterweight Families (aimed at lifestyle changes in the family) and
  • Both have undergone initial evaluation and will continue to be evaluated further.
  • The programmes are aimed at empowering overweight and obese individuals to make long term changes to enable them to achieve medically worthwhile weight loss

Counterweight differs from other programmes
The goal for weight change is realistic and the factors which may have contributed to weight gain are assessed and the individual is supported in selecting methods to achieve weight loss and weight loss maintenance. The overall aim with our programmes is for customers to be left with the skills necessary to manage their weight in the long term. In comparison some diets have a more didactic approach which can only be followed for a few months and do not address how the individual can amend their lifestyle to make it less obesogenic