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Our Team
Counterweight Ltd employs a team of experts who are fully dedicated and passionate about weight management. The smooth running and rapid escalation of our Company relies not just on the strength and guidance of our Board and Academic Advisory Panel, but the commitment and passion of the key members of the team who help to drive Counterweight’s success. Please read on for more information about the team.

HazelHazel Ross RD
Chief Executive Officer
Hazel is one of the originators of the Programme and has been with Counterweight from it's roots back in 2000. By background, Hazel is a dietitian and has played a key role in strategy and government liaison . She is now responsible for the overall vision and strategy of the Company including the operational management and financial control.

Sarika Mongia RD (On Maternity leave as of 14th August 2017)
Business Manager
Sarika joined Counterweight in 2006 whilst the Programme was in it's key roll out phase. As the Business Manager she is responsible for driving the product development and specification. Sarika plays a key role in market research as well as account management and marketing.


NaomiNaomi Brosnahan RD (on secondment)
Business Executive
Naomi joined the team in 2008. Along with Sarika she has a key role in product development and has led the development of Counterweight Plus. She manages the production of all written Counterweight materials, marketing content and execution. 


AnnaAnna Bell-Higgs RD
Counterweight Specialist
Anna joined the team in 2008. Anna leads on training, mentoring, evaluation and assists the management team to ensure that the range of Counterweight Programmes are implemented in the most effective manner. Anna is involved with developing online training, and Counterweight Programmes delivered online or over the telephone.