The Counterweight Programme now ONLINE

February 22 2015
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Counterweight Ltd, a company providing evidence-based, cost-effective solutions for weight management and obesity is now launching an online E programme this month specifically targeting companies who are investing in lifestyle weight management for their employees or customers. The Counterweight Programme has previously been available as a face to face programme offering both individual and group delivery options. Counterweight Online is the latest addition to this portfolio of weight management options.

The Counterweight Programme was initiated 15 years ago, involving a team of dietitians and doctors and collaboration between seven UK Universities. Research began by examining existing practice in the NHS primary care in relation to management of obesity, and then developing and testing a structured model for management of obesity. This has led to overall development of three evidence based Counterweight programmes and sixteen peer reviewed scientific papers to date.

Hazel Ross, BSc, RD & CEO of Counterweight Ltd. says: “Counterweight Online is a cost effective way for companies and the consumer to take part in a weight management lifestyle programme that is medically proven to work. The online version offers all the benefits of the one-to-one programme but is now just simply available online. This means Counterweight is more accessible to corporate companies who may want to introduce a scalable lifestyle programme but find employees are time poor.”

Sarika Mongia, BSc RD, a leading UK dietitian and who helped develop the online programme says: “Counterweight Online is easy to use and offers reassurance to the user as a Counterweight trained practitioner is available every step of the way.”

Counterweight Online consists of:
• 9 online educational sessions to work through over a year
• The first 6 will be over 12 weeks, with further sessions at 6, 9 & 12 months
• Weekly support emails in between sessions
• A step by step approach to weight loss and weight loss maintenance
• One session is unlocked at a time to allow you to work through the information at a comfortable pace
• An e-practitioner available at every stage through this programme

Launching in February 2015 the Counterweight Online programme is now accessible through purchase of voucher codes. Prices start from £145 per voucher with bulk discounts available. Please contact