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Who are some of our current partners?

  1. Crossroads Caring Scotland
    Counterweight delighted to be working with Crossroads Caring Scotland on an initiative to make Counterweight available to carers acknowledging the additional challenges being a carer brings in terms of accessing support for health issues. Through funding secured by Crossroads Caring Scotland, access to the Counterweight programme is made available as well as additional respite time. The aim of the additional respite being to enable carers the opportunity to increase physical activity: this could be a local walking group, a Zumba class or even a nice brisk walk with a friend. Feedback to date has been very positive and we are very pleased to be part of this innovative initiative. For more information,
  2. Energy Fitness Professionals (EFP)
    EFP specialise in setting up and managing corporate fitness and wellbeing centres. Our collaboration has allowed the Counterweight Programme to be offered to employees at work within the fitness centres. Early data shows that the weight loss outcomes and retention rates are extremely promising.
  3. Aberdeen Surgical
    Counterweight Ltd. work with a private consortium of experienced surgeons to provide options around non surgical interventions
  4. Corporate Health
    Counterweight Ltd. have been colloborating with Corporate Health, an occupational health provider to provide and manage weight managment solutions within the workplace as part of an occupational health package
  5. Nuffield Glasgow
    The Counterweight Programme has now been comissioned by Nuffield to contribute towards their wide offerings of health services