Counterweight Plus


Counterweight Plus was developed  as a non surgical weight management solution suitable for individuals with greater weight loss needs.

Counterweight Plus is a proven programme delivered by Health Professionals for managing severe and complicated obesity. The year long programme encompasses 12 weeks Total Diet Replacement, underpinned by behavioural techniques to support weight loss and weight loss maintenance equipping people with the skills required to manage their weight for life.

About Counterweight Plus:

The Programme is structured in to 4 stages. These stages include:

  1. Screening
  2. Total Diet Replacement
  3. Food Reintroduction
  4. Weight Loss Maintenance

Counterweight Plus offers up to 20 appointments are offered to individuals over a year long period

The Evidence:

During 2010-2011 Counterweight conducted a feasibility study training a mix of nurses and dietitians to deliver the year long programme.

Feasibility baseline characteristics:

  • Mean BMI 48 kg/m2
  • 91 participants from 22 general practices
  • Mean weight 131kg
  • Mean Age 46 years
  • 81% women

 At the end of the Total Diet Replacement Stage, published data demonstrated:

  • mean weight loss for all patients was 13.8kg                                                                                                                                            
  • mean weight loss for those who continues to Food Reintroduction was 16.9kg vs. 6.6kg for those who withdrew

At programme completion (12-months) published data demonstrated: 

  • 57% of patients continues to Weight Loss Maintenance
  • Mean weight loss was 12.4kg
  • Mean weight loss for those who continued to Weight Loss Maintenance was 14.7kg vs. 6.7kg for those who withdrew
  • Of all 91 patients who started 64% lost some weight
  • 33% of all patients enrolled maintained a weight loss ≥15kg

Is this Programme available to you?

Counterweight Plus is currently being delivered by Dietitians across the UK.

Guidelines recommend bariatric surgery as the gold standard for individuals with a BMI>40kg/m2 or 35kg/m2-40kg/m2 with co-morbidities. However with the increasing number of individuals qualifying for surgery, the demand cannot be met be healthcare services. Additionally many individuals would not choose or be eligible for surgical intervention.

There is a growing requirement for clinically and cost effective interventions which can achieve weight loss of >15kg in individuals with a BMI>35kg/m2 at 12 months. This can be achieved by Counterweight Plus, which combines a Total Diet Replacement with a structured programme of food reintroduction, weight loss maintenance, behavioural therapy and anti-obesity medication.

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