New Innovations

Counterweight Convenient

The team at Counterweight Ltd. have recognised the need to offer a variety of programmes to treat overweight and obesity as part of a wider weight management strategy.

Having extensively researched weight management for over 12 years using a continuous improvement methodology, Counterweight Ltd. has focused on programme development which is required to enable flexibility of products.

While traditional weight management has normally been delivered on a face to face basis, there is an emerging pattern of customers engaging through "remote media" such as telephone and online programmes.

Therefore our latest innovation is a telephone based programme known as Counterweight Convenient.

What does this involve?

  • Delivering the Counterweight Programme on a one to one basis over the telephone
  • Enables remote organisations/individuals access to the programme
  • Provides flexibility and choice for both the customer and delivery partners 

Please note this programme is currently available on a trial basis.

For more information about accessing this trial through comissioning, please contact Hazel Ross
If you are interested in accessing the Programme as an individual, please see our latest offer.