David Ogden, Ministry of Justice, October 2012

"Counterweight offers an inspiring programme of exercise and dietary advice. Set yourself a target to lose weight with the Counterweight trainer. You'll be astonished, like me, at your progress.

I've lost over 20 lbs to my astonishment.

Key aspect is the educational theme - you're encouraged to eradicate your bad habits permanently, due to greater awareness of what's good to eat and drink. My tip - walk up the stairs at work instead of getting the lift"

Beth C, October 2012

"In 3 months I am not only lighter (10.2kg lost in 2.5 months) and fitter than I have been for the last 20 years. I don’t feel I am denying myself anything which means I think I can maintain the losses I have achieved.

I have felt overweight and self conscience about it for many years and I now feel fit and in control. I still have a little way to go to reach my ideal weight but I know I can get there and I have the tools to stay there. It is quite empowering. 

It was easy to do and fitted very well into my lifestyle. The programme itself seems very adaptable which implies it is easily tailored to individuals. I found the 1-1 interaction useful. It is about you not about competition"