What We Do


We work with private companies in a variety of ways to help meet their organisational needs and objectives for providing weight management programmes such as:

  • Companies who are interested in making a return on investment by being able to offer the weight management programme(s) out directly to their customers 
  • Companies who are interested in maintaining a healthy workforce by implementing an in house service or referal service for weight management programmes

Counterweight Ltd. works with companies to initially:

  • Identify your weight management needs within your organisation
  • Provide flexible solutions for weight management to meet your organisations' needs

 Companies can choose to work with us in a variety of ways

  1. Delivery Partner (customers): We train staff from your organisation to become Counterweight Practitioners. They then deliver Counterweight Programmes to your customers
  2. Delivery Partner (staff): We  train staff from your organisation to be Counterweight Practitioners who will then deliver Counterweight Programmes to staff within your organisation. See Counterweight@work 
  3. Onward Referral: We will identify the most appropriate delivery partner for your organisation to refer staff to, giving them access  to the Counterweight Programmes outwith your organisation.

If you wish to discuss how Counterweight  Ltd. can help your business please contact Hazel Ross