Counterweight Convenient

Would you like the convenience of telephone support to help you lose weight?  

Counterweight Convenient offers a weight loss solution that includes:

Proven lifestyle programme

X Not a diet

Tailored to your individual needs

X No classes

Achievable weight loss goals

X No travel

Delivered one to one by an expert dietitian

X No unrealistic weight targets

Delivered over the phone for your convenience

X No weighing in front of others

Fully supported for 12 months

X No special foods OR supplements

Focus on keeping the weight off for good

X Not a fad

What are our Counterweight Convenient customers saying?

“Counterweight (so far) is a healthy eating plan, that doesn’t feel like a diet, with increased activity and making smart choices, my excess weight is gradually disappearing.”

“Love this, over the phone doesn’t cause any issues. Feel like I can be open and honest. It’s working for me.” 

To sign up please contact:
Anna Bell-Higgs
+44 (0)750 674 5252