Counterweight Plus

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Why is there a need for Counterweight Plus?
Counterweight Plus recognises greater weight loss is required for those with higher body weights.

How was Counteweight Plus was developed?
Counterweight Plus was the result of a successful feasibility study conducted during 2010-2011 in Scotland. The study involved 22 general practices recruiting 91 patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) ≥40kg/m2. See Results.

Who can enter Counterwight Plus? 
Individuals with a BMI ≥30kg/mwith Type 2 diabetes OR (BMI) ≥35kg/m2

Those who are ready to lose weight for good
Those with no medical condition that contraindicates taking a Total Diet Replacement Plan (shakes or soups)

How is Counterweight Plus different from The Counterweight Programme
Counterweight Plus involves a number of key stages which further compliment the lifestyle advice that is given in The Counterweight Programme. It can be divided up into 4 key stages:
1) Screening
2) Total Diet Replacement
3) Food Reintroduction
4) Weight Loss Maintenance

How can you deliver Counterweight Plus?

The course is open to all Freelance Dietitians. 

What support will you receive whilst delivering Counterweight Plus?
A Counterweight Specialist (dietitian) provides a unique structured competency based training and mentoring support programme. This includes offering guidance on data collection systems to support evaluation of outcomes.

How long is the course? 
Initial 2 day training is provided to Freelance Dietitians followed by ongoing email support and  a 2hr online session for troubleshooting 6mths post training

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