What We Do

Health Professionals

At Counterweight Ltd we work with a range of health care professionals both in the private and public health sectors. We ensure all our practitioners are:

  • Trained to the highest standard
  • Confident and competent in all aspects of programme delivery
  • Mentored and supported to deliver our programmes 

How do we achieve this?
By listening to the needs of our Practitoners, we have been able to refine the process over the past 12 years supported through our continuous improvement methodology. 

There are several programme and delivery options available to health care professionals who are interested in either implementing a weight management service within an organisation or delivering the service themselves. Please see below.

If you are an independent freelancer:
Counterweight have developed a portfolio of weight management courses. After attending the one day Counterweight Programme training course  you will become an accredited Counterweight Practitioner.  After this training, you can then access additional training programmes to develop skills in Group Programme delivery, Marketing Your Business or training to deliver Counterweight Plus. To find out more about our range of courses, please click here.

If you work within NHS Healthcare:
The Counterweight Programme has over 12 years experience within the NHS healthcare system and has been comissioned by over 30 PCTs and directly by the Scottish Government to implement Counterweight in 13 out of their 14 Health Boards as the weight management programme of choice. If you would like to commission Counterweight in your area, please contact Hazel Ross.

If you work for a private company:
We work with private companies who are either interested in making a return on investment by being able to offer the weight management programme out to their customers as an additional service OR who are interested in maintaining their own healthy workforce by implementing an in house service or even refer out service. Please contact Hazel Ross to discuss your requirements.