Individuals accessing any of the Counterweight Programmes are making a one off investment to manage their weight for good.

Here's why?

  • When an individual decides to start one of the three Counterweight Programmes they are making the decision to lose weight and keep it off for good
  • All Counterweight Programmes are designed to help individuals identify why they have become overweight and equips them with skills to make changes to their eating and activity behaviours without going on a 'diet'
  • Individuals can be confident that they are choosing a programme that is known to work not only for losing weight but for keeping it off for good. The proof is in the research
  • Indivudals can access the Counterweight Programmes, depending on referral criteria being met,  through one of our delivery partners. This may be at a  local surgery, gym, workplace, pharmacy or even by a private Practitioner. 

For more information on accessing any of the programmes, please visit our customer website or find a local practitioner.