The Counterweight Programme

Interested in attending The Counterweight Programme Course?

Here are some key facts:

  • The Counterweight  Programme is a proven evidence based, innovative and fully resourced weight management service for adults 
  • We have helped more than 10,000 people access our programmes and published 12 independently validated scientific papers
  • All our programmes are developed under strict medical supervision using a purely evidence-based approach

The Training Day

  • It is a uniquely designed training course for healthcare professionals who are interested in becoming a trained freelance Counterweight Practitioner
  • Dietitians/Registered Nutritionists and all other healthcare professionals can access the course
  • The training course is 1 day and is offered in a number of locations across the UK
  • Each delegate will receive a comprehensive and referenced weight management pack 
  • Delegates will be offered a discounted price for all customer folder packs as well as marketing materials which cover all aspects of successful weight management
  • All delegates will receive the licence fee for the first year for free plus a user friendly evaluation database along with free additional support to get you up and running after the training course
  • All freelance Counterweight Practitioners will have free access to a uniquely designed Counterweight Accredited Practitioner logo
  • All delegates will be trained to a high level of competency to feel confident and competent in delivering the programme to their customers
  • To ensure all delegates maximise their learnings,

In addition, Counterweight  Ltd on occasions need freelance Counterweight Practitioners to work on a consultancy basis in our contracts.  If you are a freelance Counterweight Practitioner you will be on our database and contracted when these opportunities arise.

Sign up?

For more information on becoming a freelancer Counterweight Practitioner, please contact Anna Bell-Higgs