What We Do

Weight Management

Counterweight Ltd. are the leaders in evidence based weight management solutions

The first evidence based programme for successful cost effective weight management in primary care within the UK

Uses a "Continuous Improvement Methodology", rather than the more familiar Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) approach to evaluate outcomes

The research phase ran from 2000-2005. Since then the Counterweight Programmes have been made available to weight management providers across the UK including direct commissioning from the Scottish Government.

Variety of Programmes
Over  the last 4 years the Counterweight Team have continued to apply this methodology to their learnings and have since developed and  tested two further interventions:

Along with the Counterweight Programme, commissioners now have more evidence based weight management programmes available to purchase as part of their commitment to tackling the growing obesity epidemic.

Our Commitment

  • The Counterweight Team are dedicated to providing a flexible sustainable approach to weight management for commissioners.  We continually  look at new methods of delivering the interventions and  how we train and mentor our staff
  • We are committed to testing the programmes in a variety of settings such as pharmacies, gyms, private healthcare and freelance healthcare professionals to ensure maximum access for customers to our programmes