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Professor Roy Taylor and Professor Mike Lean have played a major role in helping to demystify type 2 diabetes. As lead researchers in the DiRECT clinical trial, they proved the effectiveness of Counterweight-Plus in the remission of type 2 diabetes.

“By the end of it, my 16 tablets a day went down to zero, my blood pressure which was sky high went back to normal.I felt 10 years younger.“

- Tony followed Counterweight-Plus as part of the DiRECT study and is now in remission. Watch his story above.

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DiRECT Clinical Trial

  • largest UK type 2 Diabetes research study (£2.5 million)

  • Investigated the link between Counterweight-Plus and type 2 diabetes

  • Counterweight-Plus is a weight-loss and weight management programme

  • Highlights after 1 year below

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The DiRECT clinical trial is the largest UK research study in type 2 diabetes funded by Diabetes UK (£2.5 million). The study focused on the effects of intense weight-loss and subsequent weight maintenance as a method for potential type 2 diabetes remission (defined by Diabetes UK as maintaining a healthy blood sugar levels without needing to take diabetes medication). The goal of the study was to see if a new revolutionary treatment (Counterweight-Plus), focusing on a low-calorie diet and changes in eating behaviours can lead to long term remission.

The trial involved splitting over 280 patients across the UK into 2 randomised groups. One group received traditional GP primary care whilst the other group received the Counterweight-Plus programme. Some of the highlights of the first year of the trial are shown below.


of people who lost more than 10kg's were in remission

1 in 2

people moved completely off their diabetes medication

The results

  • 86.1% of patients whom lost ≥15 Kg on Counterweight-Plus were in remission

  • 73% of patients whom lost ≥10 Kg on Counterweight-Plus were in remission

  • 50% of Counterweight-Plus patients went off their diabetes medication

  • A leading factor in causing type 2 diabetes is excess liver fat which causes insulin producing genes to turn off

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The study showed that one of the contributing factors leading to type 2 diabetes is a condition of excess liver fat. This results in too much fat being stored in the pancreas and the natural response of the body’s insulin production genes is to switch off. However, with long term and sustained weight-loss, it is possible to reverse this effect and help your pancreas to start producing insulin again. A large caveat in this process is that if you proceed to regain the weight that you lost during this period, there is a possibility of type 2 diabetes returning, therefore sustainable weight-loss is targetted.

Stages of the Programme

12 weeks

Total diet replacement

  • Goal setting & obstacle management

  • How to deal with social situations

  • Fortnightly dietitian appointments

  • 4 shakes & soups a day

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This phase involves a low energy diet based on your choice of 4 Counterweight shakes & soups daily with additional fluid and fibre intake to ensure your nutritional requirements are met. To help monitor, manage and motivate users on their journey, fortnightly appointments take place with a dietitian. The programme requires a great level of commitment as normal food and fluids are replaced for 12 weeks, however throughout this phase a significant amount of weight loss is established, making remission a possibility.

12 weeks

Food reintroduction

  • Excercise routine strategy

  • Meal planning

  • Ongoing support to achieve weight goals

  • Fortnightly dietitian appointments

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The second phase of the programme aims to gradually reintroduce food into your diet over 12 weeks, with reduced Counterweight shakes & soups consumption. Education around healthy eating, portion control and increasing activity are introduced by the dietitian to help encourage further weight-loss and instil positive habits for the future. Carefully curated resources to help plan meals and fortnightly dietitian appointments are offered to overhaul behaviours that previously promoted weight gain.

6 months

Weight-loss maintenance

  • Long term weight management planning

  • Rescue plan (if needed)

  • Ongoing support to achieve weight goals

  • Monthly dietitian appointments

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The third phase focuses on stabilising weight loss using a combination of techniques including menu planning and energy balance. Learning about how the food you eat contributes towards the number on the scales is vital for continued diabetes remission. Weight gain is monitored closely during the Food reintroduction and Weight-loss maintenance stage with specially formulated rescue plans dedicated to help you get back on track if weight regain is encountered.

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