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We are proud to partner with the NHS

At Counterweight, we empower people to lose weight through clinically proven, dietitian-led behaviour change programmes.

Counterweight has 2 programmes that are already commissioned extensively throughout the UK:


This programme is a first line intervention to help people lose 5% of their body weight. People are supported to make sustainable changes to their eating habits and activity levels so that they can lose weight and reduce their risk of chronic disease.


  • Structured information sessions on nutrition, physical activity & eating behaviours
  • Educational learning materials for changing nutrition and physical activity behaviours
  • Regular weight monitoring and check-ins to stay on track


Counterweight-Plus is the UK’s first and only clinically proven long-term type 2 diabetes remission programme. The 2017 DiRECT trial, using the Counterweight-Plus intervention, showed that remission of T2DM through weight loss is a realistic target.

1 year results

  • 46% of people who started the programme achieved remission of type 2 diabetes
  • Of those that lost >15kg, 86% achieved remission
  • Mean HbA1c fell by 0.9%, compared to 0.1% in the standard care control
  • Mean weight loss of 10kg

How Counterweight can help your patients

Counterweight offers a variety of commissioning options for both programmes including:

  • Face-to-face delivery by local NHS practitioners
  • Online delivery by local NHS practitioners
  • Online delivery by Counterweight practitioners
“As a dietitian this is a very rewarding programme to deliver, with many patients experiencing rapid early results which boosts their motivation to continue. Most of the programme focuses on guiding and supporting patients to understand and change their long term eating and activity habits and the training and resources provided to practitioners to facilitate this are excellent.” 

  Dr Claire Grace, Counterweight Plus Practitioner, Leeds

Work with Counterweight

If you are a healthcare professional and would like to find out more about working with Counterweight, please submit your details below and a member of our team will be in touch!

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