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Redefining type 2 diabetes from management to remission.

Our Counterweight-Plus programme was the original soups and shakes programme used in DiRECT - the world’s largest ever study of type 2 diabetes remission backed by Diabetes UK. 

1 year results from DiRECT using Counterweight-Plus


was the average weight lost for Counterweight-Plus patients


of patients who lost more than 15Kg on Counterweight-Plus were in remission


of Counterweight-Plus patients eliminated diabetes medication

How it works

Total Diet Replacement

Working with your personal Counterweight dietitian you’ll be supported to come off your diabetes and blood pressure medication.

You’ll have 4 meal replacements per day for 12 weeks, designed to help you lose significant body weight easily and drop your blood glucose level quickly.

Your dietitian will guide you to overcome challenges with behavioural approaches, helping you to stay on track.

Food Reintroduction

You’ll work with a dietitian to slowly reintroduce meals. You will receive personalised advice on nutrition and physical activity, and learn the behaviour change skills required to keep weight off.

Weight Loss Maintenance

You’ll have ongoing support from your dietitian who will help you to stay on track, monitor your weight and blood glucose level and provide feedback on your progress. Together you will build up your toolbox of strategies to help you maintain your new lower weight, giving you the best chance of achieving long term type 2 diabetes remission.

“I’ve now been in remission for six years and have not had to take any diabetic medication since day one of the programme. I had to work hard for it but it was so liberating."

Isobel, Scotland, 25kg lost

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