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Shifting to a weight management mindset

Shifting to a weight management mindset

Many experts agree that mindset is one of the most important aspects when it comes to managing weight. After all, it’s what drives our behaviours! Taking on a positive weight management mindset can contribute to lasting change in your weight loss journey. Here are four unhelpful thinking styles to be aware of that could be undermining your weight loss efforts - let’s take a closer look!


This is a very common thinking style, where someone might think they are a complete success or a complete failure. A day of healthy eating – complete success. The next day, you may have a slice of cake at an office birthday celebration and feel like a complete failure.

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Solution: Practise acceptance and be compassionate towards your situation, rather than ‘all-or-nothing’. If you have one biscuit, accept that you had one biscuit and move on. Don’t take that as a complete failure in relation to managing weight. Set realistic goals and focus on your whole health, including your mental wellbeing.


Catastrophising is when we blow things completely out of proportion and view a situation or action as terrible, dreadful, etc., when in reality the problem is quite small.

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Solution: When you find yourself catastrophising, remind yourself that imagining the worst possible outcome is not helpful and ask yourself what thoughts and actions will be helpful in the moment. Being able to see the difference, and shifting towards helpful thoughts and actions, will contribute significantly to building a positive weight management mindset.

Disqualifying the positives

This unhelpful thinking style occurs when you minimise your positive attributes and achievements by explaining them away. Instead of celebrating your weight management goals, you diminish them with negative self-talk.

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Solution: Celebrate your victories, no matter how small. Speak to – and about – yourself in a positive, compassionate way and build yourself up rather than bring yourself down. In short, treat yourself the way you would a good friend.

Compare and despair

This type of thinking often over-exaggerates the good qualities in others while at the same time over-exaggerating what you perceive to be your own negative qualities. You may run into an old friend who has lost weight and think:

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Solution: Stop comparing yourself to others. It never does any good, especially since you are not them, they are not you, and you don’t have the full picture. Focus on your own goals and think about the positive things that you’ve been able to achieve.

Whatever your negative thoughts or unhelpful thinking patterns are, learn to identify them by bringing awareness to the thoughts that occupy your mind. When you notice an unhelpful or negative thought, stop it in its tracks by turning it into a positive one. Not only is this a positive practice for life, but it helps you develop a weight management mindset that will help you navigate this journey in a healthy way.

Be kind to yourself and practice acceptance and non-judgement. You may be pleasantly surprised by the results to your mental wellness and consequently – your physical health.

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