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The first step in learning more about the Counterweight-Plus programme is scheduling a free call with one of our dietitians. Enter your contact details and choose a date and time that suits you and one of our dietitians will give you a call.

What does this information call include?

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One of our dietitians will talk to you about the science behind the Counterweight-Plus programme, how the programme runs, the costs involved and how the programme can help you. This will give you all the information you need to decide if our programme is the perfect fit for you!

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You'll also have the opportunity to ask any questions you have about the programme and how it works. You won't need to prepare anything for this call.

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If you're interested in the programme, our dietitians will discuss the next steps so that you can get started!

Why Counterweight works

Evidence-based weight loss

Our nutritionally complete, calorie controlled soups and shakes are designed to help you lose weight quickly and easily.

Tailored advice

You’ll receive tailored nutrition advice from your dietitian and learn how to plan delicious, healthy meals as well as introduce more physical activity.

Long-term support

Setbacks and slip-ups are normal. We're here to help you overcome tricky situations, get back on track and form positive new habits for better health long term.

Our results speak for themselves...


was the average weight lost by Counterweight-Plus patients


of patients who lost more than 15 Kg on Counterweight-Plus achieved type 2 diabetes remission

1 in 2

Counterweight-Plus patients eliminated diabetes medication

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We provide tailored, inspirational guidance, expert support, tips and motivations, helping you to reach your goals, overcome challenges and stay on track.

Schedule a call with one of our dietitians to join Counterweight today. You'll get access to our proprietary content, shakes, soups & appointments with our dietitians.

"Just get started! I thought losing weight and achieving diabetes remission was impossible, but the Counterweight programme made it possible. It may sound tough but it can be done. This programme can help you prolong your life and avoid medical complications and you can’t put a price on that."

Shalom, London, 18kg lost

"You should approach this programme as a whole new start that can make a fundamental change to the rest of your life. Just do it, it works!"

Kelly, Scotland, 60kg lost

Our 3-Stage Programme

The Counterweight programme runs for 12 months and is divided into 3 stages: Total Diet Replacement (TDR), Food Reintroduction (FR) and Weight Loss Maintenance (WLM). There is an option to continue WLM for a 2nd year for ongoing support.

Is the Counterweight-Plus programme for you?

We can help with a wide range of health conditions, from general help with weight management to type 2 diabetes remission.

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What you get on the Counterweight-Plus programme


Your dietitian will help you to manage the Total Diet Replacement as well as make long-term changes to your eating and physical activity. Your appointments are done via phone or video call, allowing you access to expert advice from the comfort of your own home!


You’ll get exclusive access to our course content which is full of helpful information, activities, recipes and tips to help you build and maintain your new behaviours.

Coming soon!
Mobile App

Our app is designed to make tracking progress easily. You can monitor your weight, blood glucose, blood pressure, steps, goals and even keep a digital food and reflections journal! Join our mailing list to find out when this will be launched!

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