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Counterweight-Plus combines the science of total diet replacement with personalised support from a dietitian to help you lose weight & make long term behaviour changes.

Stage 1: Total Diet Replacement

Enjoy our nutritionally complete, calorie controlled soups and shakes, helping you to lose weight quickly and easily.

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Reach your goals

With the support of a dietitian you will be guided to achieve your personal weight loss/health goals.

Reset your relationship with food

Taking a break from food, can help you gain important insights into your usual eating behaviours and identify the behaviours you would like to change.

Manage your medications

People living with type 2 diabetes and/or high blood pressure will be medically supervised to manage their medications during and after weight loss to improve their health.

Stage 2: Food Reintroduction

Gradually reintroduce food and start developing healthier habits.

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Learn about nutrition

You’ll receive tailored nutrition advice from your dietitian and learn how to plan delicious, healthy meals that you will enjoy.

Introduce activity

Choose activities that you enjoy. Set achievable activity goals and learn easy strategies to start moving more.

Overcome eating behaviours

Learn skills and strategies to create new behaviours to sustain weight loss. Your personal dietitian will help you develop strategies for managing tricky situations, helping you to stay on track.

Stage 3: Weight Loss Maintenance

Receive long-term support from your dietitian with ongoing tips, recipes, inspiration and motivation.

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Stay accountable

Keep monitoring your progress, checking in and receiving feedback on your progress from your dietitian.

Keep learning

Receive ongoing education and advice about nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, and behaviour change.

Prevent weight regain

We understand that keeping the weight off is hard. No need to fear, we’ve got structured plans in place to help you catch weight regain early and get back on track quickly.

What you get on the Counterweight-Plus programme

One-to-one support from a Dietitian

Your dietitian will help you to manage the Total Diet Replacement as well as make long-term changes to your eating and physical activity. Your appointments are done via phone or video call, allowing you access to expert advice from the comfort of your own home!

Education articles, hints and tips

You’ll get exclusive access to our course content which is full of helpful information, activities, recipes and tips to help you build and maintain your new behaviours.

Coming Jan 2021: Our new app!

We're building an app that is designed to make tracking progress easily. You will be able to monitor your weight, blood glucose, blood pressure, steps, goals and even keep a digital food and reflections journal! Join our mailing list to find out when this will be launched.

“Having lost 32kg and achieved diabetes remission, I feel like I have regained my mobility and my freedom”

Naeem, London, 32kg lost

"The weight started coming off so quickly, it was honestly amazing. It made such a difference to how I was feeling and it was so motivating knowing that the programme was working."

Brenda, Scotland, 17kg lost

Interested in finding out more?

Book a free call with one of our dietitians who will explain the science behind the programme, how the programme works and how to get started.

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