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The benefits of meal planning and food preparation

The benefits of meal planning and food preparation

When it comes to embarking on a weight loss journey, planning ahead is always a big help!

One thing we’re often asked about is how to maintain healthy habits when you have a very busy life, perhaps raising a family, working in a demanding job – or both. Too often, there’s no time to shop, cook and prepare nourishing foods and it’s easier to simply have the most convenient thing you can find.

One of our best tips for this dilemma is to plan your meals a few days in advance. This way, you take the stress out of cooking when you’re busy and tired! 

So how do you go about it? Many people prepare or at the very least plan their meals for the week ahead, over the weekend. You could pre-make and freeze meals, order pre-made meals from a meal planning service in your area, use Counterweight meal replacements, or do a combination of all three.

Write or type out a week’s meal plan in advance, and then shop, cook and order for the week ahead. For each day, Monday – Friday, write down what you will have for each meal- or snack-time. 

Short on time? Counterweight meal replacements are great for taking care of at least one of the day’s meals; perhaps you would like the Counterweight porridge for breakfast to fit around the school run, a cappuccino meal replacement for lunch between business meetings, or a chicken and mushroom soup in the evening if you’re too tired to cook. Meal replacements are an easy, quick and convenient option for busy lives. 

Top tips for building healthy meals 

  • Base meals on vegetables
  • Include plenty of lean protein and fibre, as these will keep you fuller for longer, reduce your cravings and help you feel more satisfied with smaller portions
  • Use herbs and spices for flavour
  • Limit processed foods and added sugar, as these are high in calories but low in nutrients

Our invitation to you this coming weekend is to try your hand at meal planning and preparation for the following week. Not only is it likely to work out cheaper, it’s also a great way to control your calorie intake and make it a week when the scale is likely to be in your favour! The more you do it, the easier your weekly meal prep will become and when you see the results, you’ll have extra motivation to keep going.

As you plan, remember the best meal plan for the week is one you will realistically be able to follow. Find a combination of snacks, cooking, meal replacements and pre-ordered meals that works for you!

If you’re interested in finding out more about our Counterweight Programme, book a free call with one of our dietitians to discuss how we can help you to reach your goals.


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