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Quick Start Kit

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Quick Start Kit

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One box, everything you need to get started!

56 meals - A combination of all 9 delicious flavours:

  • 6 x Summer Fruits
  • 6 x Chocolate
  • 6 x Porridge
  • 6 x Banana
  • 6 x Cappuccino
  • 6 x Vanilla
  • 5 x Oriental Chilli
  • 5 x Potato & Leek
  • 5 x Vegetable and Crouton
  • 5 x Chicken Flavour with Noodles

Shaker bottle - A sturdy, easy-to-use 500ml shaker bottle, with a stainless steel mixer ball.

Discovery call - Included in your Quick Start Kit is a consultation with a specialist member of our team, who will help you set your weight loss goals and advise the best strategy to meet these.

When you purchase a Quick Start Kit you will also receive a starter guide, habit tracker, sample meal plan, your own meal planner and a goals guide to help you along the way!

How do I use my Quick Start Kit?

The beauty of a Quick Start Kit is that no matter how you want to follow the Counterweight Programme, it will help you do that. There are two approaches to choose from:

  • Plus Approach: Following this approach, your kit gives you four meal replacements a day for two weeks.
  • Lite Approach: Following this approach, your kit allows for two meal replacements a day for four weeks.

    Not sure yet? No problem, try our meals! Alternatively, simply use our meals in the way that works best for you and your goals

    And finally... All of our shakes and soups are designed to provide you with a low-calorie meal that tastes delicious. Perfect as an occasional meal replacement or to be used in conjunction with a low-calorie diet plan.

    Each of our meals contains over 26 vitamins and minerals and is a source of fibre to help ensure that you get a healthy meal in powdered form whilst only containing around 200 calories. This product is formulated from skimmed milk and a soy protein drink mix with vitamins and minerals.

    The nutritional information, ingredients & allergy advice for each sachet can be found here.