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5 Healthy habits for working from home

5 Healthy Habits for Working From Home

5 Healthy Habits for Working From Home

Working from home can come with some challenges. It is normal to feel confused or frustrated due to aspects like:

  • Being unsure how to adapt to your new environment
  • Juggling different responsibilities like childcare, housework and work
  • Feeling like you have no routine 

With many people still working from home, it is encouraged that you still include some wellness aspects into your day to keep you feeling productive and healthy!

Here are 5 healthy habits for working from home:

Connect and communicate with your colleagues frequently

It is easy to feel isolated when you are working from home. Make an effort to check in with your colleagues each day so that you can feel connected. Participating in online meetings and using video calling instead of email can also be helpful. Schedule a virtual cup of tea with a colleague and chat about things that aren’t work related!


Make time for some exercise during your work breaks. You can even do some movement while you are working - use a standing desk for part of the day or walk around while you are on the phone. 

Another great option is to do some stretches every few hours if you find you are sitting at your computer for a long period of time. Getting outside during the day can also be super helpful for your productivity, so try to find time for a quick walk around the block!

Give yourself a break

Make sure that you schedule regular breaks into your day including a proper lunch break. Use the full time of your lunch break to take a rest from looking at the computer screen so that you can return to work feeling fresh and productive.

Create a routine

Creating a sense of routine around working from home can be a very helpful. 

To do this, you could have a dedicated work space that is well lit and ventilated. Avoid working from bed! 

Get dressed into day clothes or regular office wear to keep you motivated. Follow your work timing just as you would if you were in the office, this could mean starting the day at 9 am and ending at 5 pm for example. Lastly, set clear boundaries between work and life at home.

Keep your nutrition in check!

Try to plan your snack and meal times throughout the day and make sure you actually eat. It can be very easy to skip meals when work gets busy, but this is not ideal. Meal prep your lunches at the beginning of the week so that you can enjoy a healthy and nutritious meal which doesn’t take too much time out of your work day.

Remember to drink plenty of water too! It may also help to portion out your snacks to prevent overeating. It is very difficult to stick to healthy portions if you are eating out of a large bag or a container and distracted by work.

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